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Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

Vincent van Gogh


Summer 2006

Table of Contents - Vol. II, No. 2

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Jeffrey Calhoun
Revisiting 'Transgressions'
Fate of a Twenty
I Borrow Leopold's Eyes

Dan Cuddy
Escaping the Great Questions
Devotion of Mother and Child
Father Lost

Denis M. Garrison
The Eager Ear
Final Delivery
To Adelaide Crapsey
Give Them What They Want
Memento Versificare

John Grey
My Place in the Family Tree

Allen Itz
creating perfection

Guy Kettelhack
My City's Ars Poetica
After the Repast
What No Angel Knows

Morgan Lafay
"My Sister, Our Hero"
The Baby Book
Mr. Jack
Brother Dave

Nancy Williams Lazar
Forbidden Rhythms
Fire Making
The Sexual Mystique

Fred Longworth
What Sticks Out
UCSD Medical Center, Eleventh Floor
Letter to an Eighteen-Year-Old

Francis Masat
One Way
Honey Dippin'
Tropical Storm
Change of Mind

David Nourse
The Bushland Capital Burns
After My Throat Was Cut With All Due Care
The Twenty Five Year Backyard Blitz
The Photograph

James Owens
Where Troubles Melt

S. Thomas Summers
Gen'll Lee, sir?
New Pain
I've Decided to Walk

John Sweet
blue to grey
drowning, upstate
after kirchner

Allen M. Weber
Just Another Tuesday Morning
This is how our love will be
Bones of Our Making

Steve Williams
The Flow of Silk
Many Shades


Danilo López
Rubén Darío: Inventor of the Wheel

Rubén Darío translated by Danilo López
I'm in pursuit of a form
Autumn Song in Spring
To Roosevelt
Walt Whitman


Fred Longworth
After I Read This in Public, They Tried to Beat Me to Death

Cornelius Vanvig
Portrait of the Artist as an Assassin

Book Notes & Reviews

Jim Doss
The Fickled Finger of Fate: Frank Stanford, Tim Buckley, and Nick Drake

Denis M. Garrison
Review of If Someone asks... Masoaka Shiki's Life and Haiku

Chris George
Review of New World Burning by Daniel Watkins
Review of The Kitchen Boy: A Novel of the Last Tsar by Robert Alexander

Poetry    Translations    Fiction    Book Notes & Reviews


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