Winter 2007

Table of Contents - Vol. III, No. 4


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Deborah P Kolodji


alone now
where we walked
together --
even the graffiti
spells your name


Off the Map

Somewhere I’ve become lost
in the universe, nebulae swirl
in incomprehensible patterns.

Gravity, my tether to reality,
has lost its hold.

Topgraphy of space evolves,
the familiar becomes newly strange,
unknown more infinite –
true understanding erratic.

Did you know the Milky Way
sometimes exiles stars? The lost
are doomed to travel the void
between galaxies for eternity.

Ice star cocoons
melt over embryo solar systems,
steamy with the heat
of genesis
and the rain comes.

I once thought I was a moon,
dutifully orbiting his world
until she was trapped
by his pull too.

The map of a marriage
torn in two, as dated
as last year’s textbook.


Excavation in L.A.

we wait near ancient springs
bubbling with asphalt
and sip coffee.

The ground
Sloth full and emptied
of Dire Wolf skulls
appears deceptively stable.

Outwardly a couple
but inwardly full of tension,
the ex-wife never far
enough away.

Bones are sifted
and a skull is found,
but it isn’t hers.


© Deborah P Kolodji


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