Spring 2008

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J. D. Heskin


Looking Down at Birds

You ask me how I am coping. This is how.
Sometimes in the clearer moments of my day,
when quiet descends upon my madcap schedule,
when traffic slows to a shuffle and timepieces
become irrelevant as hardware, I am lifted
to heavenly heights unknown to mortals..
In the beginning, I drifted over the heads
of those around me--they being unaware.
In time it happened, I went higher until heads
and faces, and what they represented, irked
me no longer. I discovered what peace meant.
Now, at phase one hundred and six: part four,
I have reached the summit of my expectations.
I am complete. In fact, yesterday, I was looking
down at what I thought were birds, but they
were really angels. What do you think of that?


© J. D. Heskin



Poetry    Interview    Translations    Fiction    Book Reviews

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