Summer 2009

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Holly Day


Underground Tubers

sometimes when I’m madly masturbating
I think about what it would be like
to be a man, to have a cock, this thick
hard piece of throbbing rubbery meat
swinging to and fro, bumping into things
insinuating itself into everything from love to lunch
my crazy imaginary penis has this need to
be pushed into things, pulled out of things
unclogging drains and investigating cisterns
waving traffic through intersections and
rescuing crying kittens treed in trees
and sometimes when I’m madly masturbating
I imagine the ecstasy of shoving that hard cock
into something alive, not just funnel cakes filled with fresh cream
not just flannel hats or leather shoes or scotch tape rolls
but something twitchy, and warm, and wet
what it would be like to ram and thrust
instead of always being the catcher


© Holly Day



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