Summer 2009

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Constantine Pantazonis


librarian in chinatown

she’s a librarian
but you hear bongos whenever she walks by
she wears those nylons, the ones with the seams
sweet jesus those seams
that lead you like a dog on a leash

i was looking for some mystery
i could feel sheila’s marble grey eyes
staring into the back of my head
through the gap between gardner and hammett
she was always hanging around
in her white cashmere sweater and black rimmed glasses
suggesting some title, usually by mickey spillane

kiss me deadly?
have you ever read kiss me deadly?
no, i haven’t but i’ll get around to it
thanks sheila

nice kid but a little spooky
i was hearing those bongos again
this time with a hint of patchouli
the librarian was walking towards
the room where they keep the books
that don’t cut it anymore
two chinese guys dressed in sharkskin suits
followed her into the withdrawal shelves
I heard footsteps from behind
as I took a dive into a dark deep pool...

sir, excuse me, sir
but the library closes in five minutes
must have dozed off
sweet jesus those seams...


© Constantine Pantazonis



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