Fall 2010

Table of Contents - Vol. VI, No. 3


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Tobi Cogswell


streetlight fire

the smell of wet dirt pervading all it is raining
cold black bleak clean
eyes blink
don't burn, breathe deeply
we have no fireplace to watch
curl up on sheepskin greasy lanolin on cheek & ear
coffee from giant mugs, vinho verde from Portugal
warm & dim & torrents outside.

i light candles for Christmas
i am angora & violets
a yellow rose a poppy
a kiss on the forehead a touch on the cheek
jeans & knitted tights & army boots
we take a walk no umbrella
old ladies with plastic raincoats &
dogs in rubber stockings
colors are so bright fifty shades of blue
chrome glitters
we watch cars pass under streetlights
& imagine them the fire.

you are like the rain
or so you tell me
you take comfort from me & i your vitality
i am the hearth
put your feet up on me.


© Tobi Cogswell



Poetry    Fiction    Reviews   

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