Fall 2010

Table of Contents - Vol. VI, No. 3


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Alan C. Reese


We Are Water

the full moon trapped in the pine trees
struggles in the branches to break free

like a fish in a net so it can continue
its slow swim across the sky

but not even the strongest limbs can hold
the light and it streams into my room

filling the space like milky water
and I want to swim in it

to a time and place where
the moon and I are fish

and the whole world is water


October 12 Monday

when I was in school
columbus sailed
the ocean blue
and pluto was a planet
the gentle bronotsaurus
ate plants in water
to support its weight
now the italian invader
didn’t know where he was
and pluto is space debris
and the ol’ bronty
is just a cartoon character
and sometimes I feel
like all three


© Alan C. Reese



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