Spring 2010

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David Eberhardt


In the Constellation Eeyore

in memory, Baltimore poet, David Franks

Who are you, who do you think we are?

It's all so far, so far, so far....
Start in the constellation "Eeyore"- that guide star....
Pin a tail on it- go from there south in the southern sky...

That shadow had not looked that way before,
And since I'm asking why:
Vast forests to the north, bor-

eal taiga, the last time I saw my father,
Spoke to him- I can't remember now.
There could be meaning, could be some how

Like the overtones to a piano string;
The clouds keep changing now that you mention it;
My pa liked cheese and crackers, that I know;

The forests of the night sky, forests of stars,
Where you can go a long way before you meet another?
It's all so far, so far, so far.

Who are you, who do you think we are?


© David Eberhardt



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