Summer 2010

Table of Contents - Vol. VI, No. 2


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Kathryn Jacobs


Falling Through the Cracks

It hit me one day that I don’t exist.
The nitpickers among you might reply
that I was non-existent last year, too,
and looked at that way, nothing’s really changed.
But in those days I didn’t know it yet.
It’s oddly liberating. Think of it:

no matter what goes wrong, it’s not my fault
(if I’d just caught on sooner...). And forget
insurance, taxes -- I fell off the list.
Or, say I want to swim? The rest of you
are thrown out, grumbling, every time that guy
yells lightning. But I laugh. It felt so strange

at first, this not existing. But you’re free.
It’s scary: rules just don’t apply to me....


© Kathryn Jacobs



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