Summer 2012

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Norma Chapman


Dorothy Day

Tension wakes me every morning.

My body reverberates, a plucked harp.
A new note sounds before the old one stops.

I love you
and you
and you.

It’s not enough.

I drink and don’t get drunk.

A parasite in my belly feeds. It takes.
It’s the wrong time. It has to go.

The wind pushes and I push back, my hair blown
so hard it tries to leave its roots.

I am older.

What I did shames me.
I turn to the church.

I long for justice and mercy. Every cell of what I am
is sharp with longing.

A baby comes to my belly to listen, longs as I do.

Like Jacob, I wrestle with truth.

My baby breaks out to drink and live. I love her.

It’s not enough.

I’m on my knees. I’m fed by what I hated.
I need nothing.


© Norma Chapman


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